Below you can find the schedule of classes in the elementary library.  Your child will have library and/or keyboarding with their homeroom on the day listed.  Please make sure your child has their library book to return on their homeroom’s day so they can check out a new book.

Day 1
Ms. Puckett
Ms. Dominick
Mrs. Gray
Mrs. Fisher

Day 2
Mrs. O’Hearn
Ms. Zaykowski
Mrs. Nee
Mrs. Glenn
Mrs. Krasulski

Day 3
Mrs. Nealon
Ms. Spedding
Ms. Thomas
Mrs. Davis

Day 4
Mr. Butler
Ms. Aversa
Mr. Yanniello
Mrs. Marianelli
Ms. Semenza

Day 5
Ms. Delsordo
Ms. Toraldo
Ms. Cascio-Leiva